500% More Actionable Data in Two Weeks!

Get actionable data you need to achieve mission-critical clinical and business goals with Verinovum's Data Curation as a ServiceSM

Access meaningful clinical data now — cleaned, curated, and enriched. 

Verinovum is pleased to announce that, in 2023, we are releasing a new platform that can ingest clinical data in a variety of formats–HL7 2.x, HL7 3.x, and FHIR–and, process, standardize, normalize, and enhance your clinical data with only a two-week turnaround time.

Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) solution can be piloted within a matter of weeks. Our Proof-of-Concept (POC) helps you understand our value to your data and organization at no-risk. 

  • Business Phase – Deliver consultative assessment of preparedness for a specific need. 
  • Technical Phase – Demonstrate quality of raw data vs. measured quality improvement. 
  • Validation Phase – Assess impact of improved data quality on specified need.

Don’t waste time organizing data from different sources in different formats! Now clinical data can be curated and enriched to improve reporting for over 140 clinical quality measures needed for programs like CMS’ Medicare Star Ratings and NCQA HEDIS® measures. 

Our sophisticated approach applies over 300,000 rules to improve clinical data from a low end of only 15% actionability to upwards of 90%. Oftentimes insights can only be uncovered when you leverage high-quality clinical data. It all starts with data curation and enrichment. 

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1HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)